Address: Southwest corner at the intersection of West Lianbin Street and Nanyang Road, Louxing District, Loudi City, Hunan Province.

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Company Overview

Founded in 2009, ESTEE Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on provisions of high-quality and effective anti-static products and solutions across the globe. In recent ten years, ESTEE always upholds the principle of “Adoption & Innovation, Constantly Surpassing” maintaining at the vanguard of the anti-static industry. Nowadays, ESTEE boasts three subsidiaries, R&D centers in Germany, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Dongguan, and Hunan, and offices in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Wuxi, and Chongqing. With a strict and benign development system of “production-research”, ESTEE now has become one of the most famous and competitive companies in anti-static industry.

Company Overview


Suzhou Factory

Hunan Factory

  • Development, production and sales of anti-static materials and equipment;
  • Floor area with the coverage of 3500㎡, standardized production shops with the coverage of 6000㎡in total and thousand-level clean production shops with the coverage of 2000㎡ in total;
  • 2 anti-static equipment production lines;
  • 6 high-precision coating lines, 3 die-cutting lines;
  • 2 paper carrier tape formation lines, 2 automatic packaging lines;
  • 1 automatic self-absorbing gel-box production line, 2 automatic glue dispensers.





Dongguan Factory

  • Development, production and sales of paper carrier tape and PS carrier tape;
  • 6 paper carrier tape formation lines;
  • 6 PS carrier tape formation lines.



Group Overview

Our group owns 3 affiliated factories, world-leading production lines of special adhesive products for anti-static semiconductors (such as UV tape, QFN tape and so on), anti-static IC sputtering double-sided tapes, anti-static special liner/protective films, paper carrier tape and precise plastic carrier tape, assembly and testing lines of advanced smart anti-static equipment, automatic punching and blanking packaging lines of tiny devices, automatic slitting shops, automatic subsection shops, precise automatic die-cutting lines, as well as sophisticated die-making centers to cooperate with the development of die-cutting products fast and effectively.