Address: Southwest corner at the intersection of West Lianbin Street and Nanyang Road, Louxing District, Loudi City, Hunan Province.

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Core Competitiveness

Powerful talent advantage

Talent Advantages

Product Advantages

High-end product advantage

Technology Advantages

Advanced technology advantage

—— Company Advantages  ——

02 Engineering Team——ESD Chief Experts

  • 20 years of work experience in the ESD industry;
  • iNARTE certified ESD expert (International radio, communication, electromagnetic association);
  • As a consultant to dozens of large-scale electronic enterprises;
  • Rich experience in ESD theory, device design and failure analysis; Lead to solve hundreds complicated device failure analysis; 
  • Familiar with ESD international standard, several advices were adopted by standard grafting committee.



01 R&D Team

Talent Advantages

Our Team

 Strong teams of material R&D and engineering design
 Experienced product development team to meet clients’ development needs in the fastest manner

Powerful combination

Product Advantages

We cater to every client’ demands to develop products used in some particular processing or environment, meet clients’ needs and improve products’ quality.







Provide full ESD solutions


New Materials

Have the ability to develop customized products


Master formula of the core materials



Capability of ESD design and failure analysis


Technology Advantages

Core Competitiveness